Health and Safety Features of Your Cookware Set

How Safe Is Your Cookware Set ?

In the present market, you will find plenty of cookware sets of different brand and made from different materials. Previously, people used to compare the durability, outlook, handling and maintenance with their budget and then pick their desired cookware set. Nowadays, such features are not the only concern before buying a cookware set.

Cookware sets are made of different material and each material has its individual properties to react. So, now people are more worried about the safety of the cookware set and its long term effect on health. Let’s give you a brief idea about different cookware material and their properties so you can pick up the best one according to your budget.

Aluminum Cookware Set:



Aluminum is a great heat conductor. It is very lightweight and cheaper than other materials. The main drawback of this aluminum cookware set is they will cause some chemical reaction with acidic elements in the presence of heat. While slow simmering of food, you will see the mild trace of aluminum in your food. If you have an aluminum cookware set, it will be better to avoid cooking highly acidic or salty food in it, at least not for a long time. For example, try to avoid tomatoes or sauerkraut cooking in your aluminum pot. It is also recommended to avoid storing foods in your aluminum pot because gradually aluminum will leach into the foods.

If you love to cook in aluminum pots, but want to avoid such chemical hazards, you better buy a hard-anodized cookware. Such pots have an aluminum oxide layer on its surface which prevents any kind of reaction with the food. These pots are durable, distribute heat more efficiently but a little bit costly.

Copper Cookware Set:



Copper cookware set can adapt any temperature and they are famous for their great heat conductivity. Copper pots have a thin coating over its surface to prevent the copper from mixing up with the foods. Copper is injurious to your body and if anyone consumes large amount of copper he can fall into some serious trouble. However, the coating over copper pots sometimes reacts. Nickel is usually used for this coating and people who are sensitive to nickel may have some allergic reaction.

Cast Iron Cookware Set:

If you want to cook slowly and evenly, cast iron cookware set will be best for you. But these sets are not easy to use. They have a tendency to be rusty if they are not dried properly after using. The iron may mix up with the food while cooking, which may cause an unpleasant taste in your dinner. You should avoid such utensils, if you are suffering from Hemochromatosis (people having the tendency to accumulate iron in the blood).



Enamel Coated Cookware Set:

Enamels are a processed form of glass. This material is inert and does not react with any kinds of foods while cooking. People who are health concerned usually like this though, there is a minor drawback in this cookware set. Lead is used in its manufacture and design which may cause you a little bit headaches.



Glass Ceramic Cookware Set:



Glass Ceramic is very poor heat conductor, but they can preserve the heat much better than aluminum or iron. They can be used in high temperature and in the microwave oven. They do not react with any food materials and therefore you can also use it to store your food. Glass Ceramic cookware is well and smoothly finished, easy to clean and very attractive. It will remain shiny for a long time without much maintenance. If your cookware set is branded product and manufactured under high supervision and quality control, you are ensured to have a long time service from it without any kind health hazard. Most of the health concern people lean towards this cookware set to ensure that they will not suffer from any kind of chemical hazard in the future.

Stainless Steel Cookware Set:



Stainless steel is very familiar because of its low price, low maintenance and durability. There might be a little bit reaction of nickel and chromium from such pots, but that is not alarming. If you are allergic to nickel, it is recommended for you to avoid stainless steel cookware set.

Non-Sticky & Teflon Coated Cookware Set:

Non-Sticky and Teflon coated cookware sets are very appealing to the people because you can cook with very low amount of oil. But the coating is very handy and easily scratched off after heavy use. So, there is a possibility to mix the coating with your food and ending up in your stomach. If you heat an empty pan up to 350 degrees C, poisonous fumes may come off. Again, you cannot use the metal spoon or any sharp edge utensil with this product.




Before buying a cookware set, determine which feature is the most important to you and within your budget. A quality product may cost you a little bit, but your family health should be your prime concern.



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