How To Build A Green Kitchen ?

How To Build A Green Kitchen ?

Nowadays we should concern about the environment in our every single step. Even when you are building your own house or renovating a special part of it for example: the kitchen. People often want to build an Eco friendly kitchen because that is the most important part of the house. Whether you are building your own house or remodeling your kitchen, today I am going to discuss some pretty important ideas which will help you to achieve your desired green kitchen.

How To Build A Green Kitchen

How to make a Green kitchen:

To make a green kitchen there are following facts that you should consider. For instance:


* Recycled Flooring and Natural Flooring: To make a green kitchen, you should be cautious about an eco friendly flooring. For this purpose, you can pick up a cork, bamboo or any other recycled flooring product. You have a thousand of option to choose your floor. Rubber flooring is widely popular and available among the recycled flooring products. Most of them (80%-100%) are recycled from the post products like tires. It allows you a variety of design and color to match with your kitchen design. If you are looking for something natural, you can go for corks and bamboo. They are durable, renewable and provide you a natural atmosphere in your kitchen.

Flooring-Green kitchen

* Wood Flooring ( Reclaimed ) : If you want to build a traditional, aristocratic kitchen, you may consider using reclaimed wood flooring. Such flooring will give your kitchen an antique look. This is also very eco friendly because you are using reclaimed wood removed from another house. The duration of woods is much longer and you are getting an elevated kitchen without destroying any forest.


Lighting should be eco friendly:

It is a very important part of a green kitchen. Try to install a skylight which will allow plenty of light during daytime so you will not depend on artificial light sources. Keep sufficient windows in your design so that ample lights and air can pass by. On the other hand, use CFL bulbs during the night because they consume only 25% power of the other incandescent bulbs. You can also use LED lights and reduce your energy consumption up to 90%. A solar power unit for lighting will make your kitchen more eco friendly.

Counter Tops:

There are plenty of options for you to create a dashing counter top for your kitchen. But to make a green kitchen you should use something eco friendly. Glass counter tops can be one of your distinct choices. Glass countertops come with different styles and they look like granite and marble. This is completely eco friendly because they are a mixture of recycled glass and concrete base, non petroleum based items or resin products.

countertops-green kitchen

Kitchen Appliances:

If you really want to make your kitchen eco-friendly, you have to be choosy on your kitchen appliances. You should not install any appliances without energy saver leveling for the sake of a green kitchen. Most of the large appliances are energy rated nowadays. So, go to the retailer shop and pick up the most efficient one.

Solar Power- A Symbol of Green Kitchen:

Most of the people think solar power as a very complicated procedure. They think that it comes to cover the whole house electricity as well as the surface of your roof. That is an abysmal idea. You can easily install a small unit of solar panel that will cover your electric water heater only. Thus, you can keep this appliance in your kitchen to meet your hot water requirements. Again, a small solar unit will cost you a fraction of the whole solar power system for the house as well as save a handsome amount of money from the electric bills.

Have a Greener Life:

Well, hope you have built your eco friendly kitchen. You do something more to lead a greener life. Such As:

Use Fabric Instead Of Paper:

While shopping, seek a fabric or reusable bag instead of plastic or paper bags. This will keep the land free from tons of indispensable and poisonous plastics. While wiping or cleaning your kitchen, use fabric or cloth towels instead of paper towels. This fabric is washable and reusable. Thus you can save some money from paper towels and can prevent across of forests.

Compost Your Organic Left outs:

Create a pile outside of your kitchen and start putting the organic scraps from your kitchen. It will go by a natural rotting process and will become natural fertilizer, which will increase the nutrient of the soil.


Cleaning Product:

If you apply any chemical compound in washing and cleaning, the drainage water becomes poisonous and harmful for the environment. Try to use green cleaning product which is eco friendly and do a great cleaning job. For example; apply vinegar to wash glass components and baking soda to remove stains.

Prefer Local and Organic Items:

Use organic items because they do not create any harm to the land or do not introduce any devastating chemicals. Try to buy local products because thus you will support your local business. Again, local products need not be shipped, so they are fresh and more delicious.

To have a green kitchen, it requires a little bit attention. It is not necessary to renovate the whole kitchen, but some of your movement can make it a lot more eco friendly and create a green kitchen in your home.

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