How To Keep Your Kitchen Free of Bad Smells

How To Keep Your Kitchen Free of Bad Smells

When you are cooking, very often the house is covered by a strong smell produced by the food being cooked. Sometimes the food you have prepared releases pleasant odor, but sometimes it could be just as unpleasant. And you don’t want your house to smell bad. One way to avoid bad smells from dispersing is to act sooner rather than later. Even though the cooking smell is bad at the beginning, if left unattended it will become worse. There are several methods you can apply to reduce cooking odor, such as thorough cleaning, installing a proper vent system etc. You can also invest a little in air fresheners which can effectively help removing bad smells. Let’s take a look at some ways to easily remove bad odor.


A. Regular Cleaning

1. Cleaning while cooking

Most meals take time to get done, so while you are waiting clean up all the spills or other mess you made by throwing it down the drain or in the trash can. This way you immediately prevent formation of additional odors.

2. Do the dishes while waiting too

If you are cooking a meal that takes even longer than usual to get done, why not wash the dishes you used to mix the food ingredients. You should wait for them to start emitting an unpleasant odor. Sometimes they need some soaking, so by leaving them in soapy warm water you also prevent the smell do disperse. In case you really don’t want to do the dishes, then just quickly place them in the dishwasher, that is, if you have one.


3. Get rid of all the leftovers from the cooking process

That especially goes for cooking or frying oil. Also, if you just cooked some fish which was marinated with onions, garlic or any other ingredient with a strong smell, make sure to throw all the leftovers away. Don’t keep it in the house, too; take it out of the house immediately.

4. Regular kitchen cleaning

Cleaning the counter space, cabinets and floors on a regular basis can be very helpful, as well as, performing a deep clean every week.

5. Cleaning sponges go bad

Do not use the same sponge for a long time. Replace them on a weekly basis. Furthermore, other towels, cloths and rugs should be washed regularly, since they often get damp and become the perfect place for bacteria.

6. Once you are finished eating, store the leftovers accordingly

It was already mentioned to dispose of leftover cooking ingredients, and the same goes for food leftovers. You may not need to throw them out as fast, but make sure to keep them in food containers that don’t release the smell.

7. Invest in a proper ventilation system

Install a range hood over the stove. Keep it running while cooking and most of the odor coming out of the food being cooked will be immediately taken away from the house. You can also use it even if you are not cooking, but simply want to recycle the air in the room.

​If for any reason you are not able to install a range hood, you can always open your kitchen windows while cooking and keep them open for some time after you are done.

B. Removing Appliance Smells


1. Use baking soda

Leave a box of baking soda open in the fridge regularly. It is a very simple way to remove bad smells coming from the fridge. The elements in the baking soda can effectively cancel out the odors originating from fish and other foods. Baking soda will not last forever, so it is recommended that you change boxes every month.

2. Deep fridge cleaning

Sometimes the baking soda trick won’t do, and you will have to clean your fridge thoroughly. If you can’t pinpoint the origin of a certain bad smell, this is what you have to do.

3. Maintain the food disposal properly

You need to regularly clean your food disposal system. That can be done by flushing water down the drain for 1-2 minutes. In order to remove any stuck garbage leftovers throw some ice cubes in the drain and pulse the food disposal unit.

C. Removing Really Strong Smells


1. If you are dealing with seriously strong odors in the kitchen, fill 3 bowls with vinegar and leave them there for 6-12 hours

Although vinegar has a strong odor itself, after roughly 15 minutes it will dissolve and start eliminating the other odors in the area.

2. You can also heat vinegar up to remove strong smells


Place some water and vinegar in 1:1 ratio in a saucepan and heat it for 2 hours. Adding orange and lemon peels will also improve the process. Leave it like that through the night.

Many of us enjoy eating spicy, traditional and exotic food. However, that also means that you have to use some ingredients which release powerful odors while cooked. Make sure you follow the advice in this article and ensure you have a kitchen that is free of bad smells.

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