Pick The Best Cookware For Your Kitchen

How To Pick The Best Cookware For Your Kitchen ?

A cookware set is a very important equipment for your kichen. If you want to buy a new cookware set, it is predictable that you will become pretty confused as there are a number of brands, models and materials available in the market. You may not understand which material and which model should you buy. Let’s give you some tips to choose the best cookware set for your kitchen.

Pick The Best Cookware For Your Kitchen

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Things You Should Consider:

  • The first thing you should consider is your budget. There are a lot of fancy cookware sets, but you should search among your financial line.
  • You should also consider the outlook of the cookware set because it is not only just a set of utensils, but also a very important show piece in your kitchen. Pick the one which adjust with your kitchen decorum.
  • Finally and the most important things to consider is “Health Issues”. Many materials have the tendency to react chemically with some food ingredients which may cause serious health trouble in the long run. Make sure you are picking up a set which is safe, sound and easy to handle.

Which Material Should I Buy:

Every material has some pros and cons. Considering the handling, washing facility, outlook , reactive properties, every material have some positive and negative sides. Generally cookware sets are made of copper, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel and ceramics. Let’s give you a brief idea about the materials so you can pick up the one which suits you the best.

1. Avoid Non-Anodized Copper:

First tips for you is to avoid the non-anodized cookware set. They may be inexpensive and fancy looking, but they are highly reactive with food. These materials can change the taste and color of your food and also crate some serious health hazard. Usually, copper and aluminum have some non-anodized product. If you want to buy such material, make sure they are properly coated.


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2. Aluminum:

Aluminum cookware set will cost you less, but they are reactive. To avoid this problem, as I mentioned earlier, you have to buy anodized product which you cannot use in the dishwasher. This is a huge problem for the busy housewives or professional chefs.


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3. Iron:

Iron is famous for its great heat conductivity and heat distribution. Again, it is reactive to acidic foods and you have to season it with oil to prevent rusting. You cannot put it on the dishwasher, which is another drawback of it. You cannot use it in the micro-wave oven.


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4. Cast Iron:

Cast iron coated with enamel will be a great choice if you want to avoid the health risks. These products are not oven proof. You cannot use such pans with high temperature and you have to be very cautious as the enamel is very fragile and can crack any moment.


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5. Ceramic

Ceramic cookware is the versatile product which has more positive sides than other materials. You can use it in high temperature and it will not react with your food. You can use it in micro-wave oven and very high temperature. You can easily put them in your dishwasher and save some time. The main cons of ceramic cookware set are they can easily break if dropped from the hand. Your tiles may also crack then. Ceramic cookware set may contain lead in the finishing. If you buy a cheap product, it may discolor.


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Every material has some plus and minus. So, compare the product with your budget, emphasize the issues which are your prime target. Surely a chef won’t buy a cookware set which cannot be washed in the dishwasher. So, pick the one which meets all your requirements.

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