Things You Should Know Before Buying A Cookware Set

Before You Buy a Cookware Set

A cookware set is a part and parcel of your everyday cooking life. Do you have a cookware set? If not, are you planning to buy a new one? If you have a cookware set in your waiting list, better to go for it now. Today I am going to give you a brief idea about different cookware set and guide you to find the perfect one.

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You may find it very difficult to choose because there are a number of cookware brands; materials are available in the present market. First of all, you should determine your requirement and find out the product which will serve you the most. To determine your requirement, let’s go through the following questions:

1.Do You Really Need A Cookware Set?

At first, ask yourself, do you really need a cookware set? They are very dashing and decorating in your cabinet and hanging racks. They are also very handy, user-friendly and easy to operate. But keep in mind that they will ease your task if you do a lot of dishes. If you are not really into cooking then probably a cookware set is not for you. But if you like to try different dishes every now and then, go for it, it will be a great assistance.

2. In My Cookware Set, Which Piece Should I Use Most?

It completely depends upon your requirement and your wish. You can pick a random piece of your set which fits you most. If you cook similar dishes, you can use it again if you want. There is no restriction on that.

3. How Much Space Will It Consume?

Generally a cookware set consists of 2-14 pieces of items. It will be difficult to store them in a small and narrow kitchen. If you have built in appliance system or an upper cabinet in your kitchen, you can easily store them or hang them. But in a narrow kitchen, you have to make some space for them. If you still want to buy a cookware set, buy a pot rack too. It will give you a lot of space to store your cookware set as well as other products.



4. What Kind of Pans and Pots You Need Most?

If you are a beginner or a daily life cooking person, a skillet and a saucepan will be enough for you. If you cook a lot of different dishes, you may need most of the pieces. If you want to pile up, start with the smallest. You may enrich your inventory later on.

5. What Kind Material Will Fit Your Cook top?

If you have a conduction stovetop in your kitchen, some materials will be fitted in your stove. You can pick your cookware set from plenty of options like stainless steel, iron, copper, glass, hard-anodized, enameled iron and ceramic.

6. Is It Handy And Easy To Clean Up?

If you do not want to clean your cookware set manually, you should pick a set which support dishwasher safe feature. Though, there is some set which is recognized as dishwasher safe, you have to wash them with your hands to avoid and scratch. The dishwasher also demands a good price, so it will be better if you can wash them by hands.

7. How Much Do You Want To Spend?

If you have made enough space on your kitchen and great dedication in your mind, then you can easily go for a cookware set. You may find your set from 100$-2000$ according to your requirement and budget.

Which Cookware Material Should You Buy?

Well, every material will provide you some advantage and disadvantage from the other materials. Pick up your priority and see which material suits them best. Let’s give you a brief idea about different materials and their pros and cons.


Ceramic is the best cookware material. They have the most attractive look. They have the most perfect and glowing finishing. They are very smart, elegant and strong as well. They do not corrode with the time like copper materials. They also remain shiny without polishing. They are not seasonal cookware material like cast iron. You can imply your ceramic set anytime, anyplace. If you have a dried food on your stove, you can easily use scouring powder to wash the strain from your ceramic cookware set which is unthinkable in the case of iron or non-sticky pots.



Ceramic cookware occupies some excellent and aristocratic qualities, but it has some drawbacks too. Again, there is a possibility of the presence of lead in an old cookware. If you buy a cheap ceramic pot, it may discolor in heavy heat. Despite such issues, you can hardly find so many options available in one material. That is why ceramic cookware sets are considered as the best.

Stainless Steel:

They are nonreactive, dishwasher safe and durable. They are cheap so very handy for many users. If you look for some sort of irregular and nonprofessional cooking, you can go for stainless steel as they come at a low price. They have a very poor heat transfer system. If you want some better service, buy a stainless steel set with aluminum coating inside. But it will cost you a smart amount of money.




Aluminum cookware sets are renowned for their perfect thermal conductivity and lightweight in such a low price. They heat up in a small time and can distribute is properly. But they are very reactive while cooking. It can lead into a long term health issue. Anodized aluminum cookware set will relieve you from this problem, but they are very expensive. These anodized aluminum are lightweight, scratch proof and excellent heat conductor.



Cast iron:

Cast iron cookware sets are naturally nonsticky, strong and affordable price. An excellent heat conducting capability is its specialty too. But they are reactive and don’t mix well with acidic elements. They are a bit of heavy and take some time to heat up. If you have a cookware set coated with porcelain enamel, you can avoid the problem of reaction and cleaning. Such pots are nonreactive, easy to clean, good heat conductor and eye catching.



So, determine your requirement and pick up the material best for you. According to our judgment, comparing to price and service, outlook, ceramic cookware sets are the best for any kind of professional and nonprofessional use.

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